Kirk G Petroski

President & CEO, Symboticware Incorporated

Kirk got his start in the mining industry in 1993 as a field technician for Falconbridge Exploration. In 1996 he founded ERE Services which provided exploration services and was at the forefront of technology bringing GPS surveying to Northern Ontario. In 1999, he completed his MBA cum laude at Laurentian University. In 2001, he began building a network within the Sudbury basin by providing technical services for the mining supply and service sector. In 2008, he co-founded Symboticware and cultivated an idea of creating an Open wireless platform to facilitate connectivity to mobile assets, enable real-time data flow and the reporting of safety, production and maintenance information for better decision making. Symboticware innovations have been commercialized in Canada, USA and LATAM directly and through a growing ecosystem of high profile global partners.

Kirk was also a founding contributor, past Director, Treasurer and President of the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association. Kirk is also a contributing member of the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group and actively contributes and speaks at community-based events that foster technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dave Conte

Dave Conte

Chief Financial Officer

A growth expert specializing in technology companies. Twenty-five years of experience in managing risk, developing responsible growth and mentoring success. A passionate leader with a strong history of cultivating collaboration and leading high performance teams.

As CFO of Camilion Solutions (sold to SAP AG) was recognized for taking Camilion from pre-revenue, through aggressive growth, and eventual strategic exit. Experience includes organizations such as Ernst & Young, the Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son, Dell Computers, Camilion Solutions, and Mercatus Technologies.




Marc Richard, P.Eng

 Vice President Technology

Marc joined Symboticware in January 2015, bringing 5 years of product development experience for customers across the mining, commercial, and military sectors.  As Symboticware’s Chief Engineer, Marc aids in the application of standard practices and processes to progress the successful development of product-based solutions. Marc began his career with General Dynamics Canada, where he was involved in the entire lifecycle of multiple products.  In this role, Marc was responsible for the development, implementation, integration, test and field support of multiple software solutions ranging from heavily armored military vehicles to commercial heavy vehicles.  Marc’s experience with General Dynamics Canada imprinted on him a fierce belief in the importance of proper development process and testing.

Most recently, Marc performed systems engineering and development tasks for a tele-operations and robotics prototyping firm, bringing about an appreciation for proper communication and rapid prototyping methodologies.

Marc holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, and is a licensed professional engineer.