Symboticware’s mandate is to provide customer driven, value added, and innovative products and services to enhance safety and productivity across numerous industries worldwide and drive the visibility and profitability of our clients through the application of Symboticware’s technologies.

At the heart of Symboticware’s technology is the SymBot®, its core monitoring and data solution that delivers standardized information-based technology that enhances the productivity of mobile and fixed assets. All data is integrated into existing data management, monitoring and tracking systems using industry-based standards allowing our customers to leverage their current investments as well as provides an open platform for endless future technology integration.

The Speed Guard is a control solution that prevents mobile equipment operators from over-speeding, resulting in increased safety by preventing speeds in excess of equipment’s and organizational safe operating parameters. Speed Guard saves money by minimizing premature component failure due to operating above equipment manufacturer specifications.

Symboticware Remote Terminal Unit (SymRTU) presents a solution that uses proven mesh technology nodes with required sensor(s) integration to provide a real-time GIS based reporting and visualization system. SymRTU nodes compose a range of distributed wireless products providing advanced supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) functionality for commercial and industrial applications. With ‘out of the box’ auto mesh wireless functionality, SymRTU nodes can be easily installed at any remote location.

Originally developed for underground mining, Symboticware technologies are capable of remote and rugged applications, allowing our technology to meet any monitoring and data solution needs, across any industry.