Symboticware is the nerve-center of mining intelligence. We’re going to disrupt the $50B Asset Performance Management market for mobile equipment across resources industries. Our product 4-Sight.ai is an end-to-end System of Intelligence that provides AI-driven actionable insights to empower our customers to make smart,  informed, and on-time decisions. Driven by a passionate team of innovators and #builders, Symboticware. Stay connected. Stay informed. Take action.

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Our mission at Symboticwareis providing intelligent solutions to customers, ecosystem partners and theindustry by making the right data available at the right time.Our team is dedicated tobuilding strong relationships with our clients by understanding and solvingcustomer needs with innovative, reliable & integrated technologies andservices.

Core Values

Symboticware stands on a solid foundation of 4 core values: Integrity, Grit, Adaptability, and Empowerment. Together, these core values make us an ideal partner for our customers as we enable them to maximize performance of their assets by using the most advanced technologies.

Core Values



●       Perseverance +
●       Tenacity +
●       Persistence
●       Never give up attitude
●       Determination



●       Internal & External
●       Doing the right thing when no one is looking.
●       Professional integrity
●       Make a promise, stick to it.



●       Solving problems
●       Adapt to the needs of the customers.
●       Value driven & purpose built
●       Customer centric



●       Empower customers to make the right decisions and empower them by providing them with accurate and intelligent data.

●       Empower employees to grow, innovate and inspire at all levels.


Our mission at Symboticware is providing intelligent solutions to customers, ecosystem partners and the industry by making the right data available at the right time. Our team is dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients by understanding and solving customer needs with innovative, reliable & integrated technologies and services.

Our team

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VP of Enterprise and Public Sector, Nokia Canada

Having pioneered the patented store-and-forward technology, Symboticware is no stranger to solving challenges underground. This expertise, combined with our leadership in private wireless deployments, will bring best-of-breed data into the space of real-time mining operations. And it will let our customers benefit from immediate access to comprehensive information, even in the most challenging underground environments.


VP of Technology & Logistics, Major Drilling

We are excited to partner with Symboticware and embark on the next step in digitizing our rigs and our data collection capabilities. We're confident their expertise will aid us in advancing our fleet technologically, as well as help us usher in a new generation of drillers to our crews. With access to this new data, we will continue to lead in providing new members of our team the ability to learn faster by measuring their performance improvements.


CIO, Fresnillo PLC

We selected Symboticware because their technology gives us access to raw data at the highest possible level of integrity. Our goal for all of our operations is to be at the forefront of innovation, working towards an AI-enabled maintenance plan. What Symboticware offers is the foundation to AI.


President & CEO, Ramjack Technology Solutions

We’re very excited about our partnership with Symboticware. Mines in the regions that Ramjack serves are poised and ready to take real advantage of Symbotcware’s vehicle sensor data telemetry and analytics solutions. We are looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the rapid returns that this technology can offer to both open-pit and underground mines.

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