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The SymBot Solution Addresses the Needs of Mine Monitoring for Energy Savings and Compliance

Maintaining productivity, safety and profitability while coping with high labour, equipment and energy costs has become a major challenge in today’s mining industry. Energy accounts for approximately 15 percent of operational costs in the average mine. Increasing regulations on environmental and health factors from Green House Gases (GHG) have added to the energy burden. Understanding your mines energy consumption and demand in real-time, is the first step towards taking control of your operational costs, reducing energy waste and developing accurate budgets.

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Symboticware’s solutions increase energy efficiency in underground operations by providing key data to improve mine ventilation strategies, vehicle utilization, ideal time reductions and more efficient operational strategies.

SymBot_Pro_SolidworksMine A-Z is a medium sized dieselized mine with 11,000kW of installed/operating fan power. The annual operating cost of these fans is approximately $6 million. A-Z produces approximately 20,000 tonnes of CO2e through ventilation related electricity usage and approximately 1750M liters of propane with an additional output of 3,000 tonnes of CO2e each year.

The installation of 15 SymBots on the mines primary fleet could see a reduction of ventilation requirements of up to 40% saving the mine hundreds of thousands each year, if no other design driver is exceeded. A conservative assumption would be a net reduction of ventilation requirements of 20 +/-5%.

Power consumption in the mine would also be reduced by approximately 50% due to the cubic relationship between airflow and power (i.e. electricity) required for ventilation systems. The associated CO2e reduction from using less electricity would be approximately 10,000 tonnes annually and approximately 600 tonnes of C02e reductions from using less heating fuels.

In a scenario in which the mine wanted to install a Ventilation on Demand system (VOD) the SymBot technology would take the VOD to its optimal level through specifically identifying where and when vehicles are operation and thereby allowing real-time control and greatly increasing the utilization of air sent into mines, removing the instance of redundant deployment of duplicate air demands (spatially) to another location for the same vehicles.

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The SymBot with engine & exhaust monitoring, interfaced to air quality sensors will provide instantaneous feedback on whether the real working environment matches that expected, indicating any failures of the local ventilation system completing the control-feedback loop in both VOD mines and non-VOD mines.



The SymBot is used in monitoring applications for Productivity Gains, Risk Mitigation, Energy Savings and as a platform for new development projects where real-time data collection is crucial for making better and informed decisions. The SymBot is a ruggedized hardware/software device that acts as a hub connected to various OEM equipment to, collect, format, store and forward from remote locations, such as underground mines or remote environmental stations. The Symboticware software suite receives the data feeds, standardizes, analyses, reports and/or integrates the data with the customer’s existing IT environment.