Subsidence, Tailings & Mine Closure Monitoring in Timmins Ontario

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A major challenge in the Mining industry is managing the bi-product of mining activities and the potential for production and environmental failures during life of mine and closure. Subsidence (ground movement), tailings (mine waste management) and mine closure (returning the mining area to near natural state) have ongoing monitoring requirements driven by compliance.Timmins-Cat-equipment

Mining companies cannot maintain sufficient levels of monitoring activity using conventional manual monitoring. Symboticware Remote Terminal Unit (SymRTU) presents a solution that uses proven mesh technology nodes with required sensor(s) integration to provide a real-time GIS based reporting and visualization system.

SymRTU-HUBSymRTU nodes compose a range of distributed wireless products providing advanced supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) functionality for commercial and industrial applications. With ‘out of the box’ auto mesh wireless functionality, SymRTU nodes can be easily installed at a remote location and connected to standard sensors, supporting 4-20mA or 0-5V. Either through a direct wireless connection or automatically hopping through a series of other SymRTU nodes, the sensor data is relayed back to the SymRTU Master for termination over Ethernet to the SymView Server application for display, logging and alarm management.

Symboticware’s SymRTU was selected by a Northern Ontario mining company, in Timmins Ontario for use in their Open Pit mine. The company had an immediate requirement to automate its monitoring process of approximately 50 locations in an area that is historically prone to subsidence. Monitoring of these locations is required for both the life & post-closure of the open pit mine.

Timmins open pit

Dewatering activities will induce sandfill compaction and migration which in turn, may increase the likelyhood of subsidence events. Since dewatering pumps run 12 months a year there is increased possibility of sandfill movement during the winter months. Most fill point and instrument locations are frozen shut during the winter months, rendering them inaccessible. They required a solution which would enable 365-24/7 monitoring.


In order to manage future subsidence risks, Northern Ontario mines select Symboticware’s SymRTU wireless remote data acquisition network capable of operating year-round and providing real-time data to a central location via wireless infrastructure. This network is capable of reading Sloughmeters, MPBX’s, In-place Inclinometers, and Fill Point Monitors.

This solution is available through a managed service option or one-time capital project.

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