Ventilation on Demand Sensor

Industry: Mining | Solution: Enviromental Monitoring


The SymBot platform enables a real-time integrated sensor network solution for ventilation on demand.


BESTECH, Vale, Xstrata Nickel, CANMET/NRCan, Canadian Mining Innovation Council (CMIC), Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) and Symboticware Incorporated

Ventilation on demand allows the air flow to a workplace to be changed in real time. The air flow is controlled using variable speed fans and variable louvers to direct the flow and sensor networks to monitor the resulting changes. An integrated tracking system also allows the quantity of air flow to match the demand from equipment and personnel.

The SymBot Platform is being used as a real-time integration hub for various sensor networks within an underground environment. The SymBot platform will collect ambient air qualities , tail pipe emissions and ECM data from a CAT Elphinstone 1600G LHD, data is processed on board and sent to surface with in an open data standard format.

Working along side of leading industry organizations, the SymBot platform is proving to be a sturdy and highly versatile open solution for industrial process automation.