Case Studies

Subsidence, Tailings & Mine Closure Monitoring in Timmins Ontario

Industry: Environmental Mining | Solution:

A major challenge in the Mining industry is managing the bi-product of mining activities and the potential for production and environmental failures during life of mine and closure. Subsidence (ground movement), tailings (mine waste management) and mine closure (returning the mining area to near natural state) have ongoing monitoring requirements driven by compliance. Mining companies […]

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Remote Environmental Monitoring in the Canadian Arctic (Peregrine Diamonds, Chidliak Project)

Industry: Environmental Mining | Solution: Enviromental Monitoring Equipment Monitoring Information Monitoring

The Baffin Island Intelligent Monitoring Project was a research initiative focused on the development of intelligent remote environmental monitoring technology designed to work in extreme weather during sustained periods of darkness. The technology being used was first tested in 2009 and has been in use by Peregrine Diamonds Limited since 2010. The research initiative has […]

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U/G Mobile Equipment Data Management at Xstrata Nickel Rim South Operations

Industry: Mining | Solution: Equipment Monitoring

On-board data management systems are offered by most underground (U/G) mobile equipment manufacturers. These datasets (engine & performance data) are quite useful for proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and other maintenance-related decision-making purposes. However the challenge is that each of these systems is unique and proprietary, and does not use common communication protocols; hence data collection and […]

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