Junior Systems Developer

Who You’ll Be:

The Junior Systems Developer is someone passionate about the inner workings of products, and all of the things that make them functional, powerful and complex.  They are also interested in the processes and techniques that make a widget easy to mass-produce. The Junior Systems Developer’s primary focus will be in electronics but will be relied upon to assist with other types of designs.  The Junior Systems Developer will be called upon from time to time to assist with some of the production and DevOps activities, so they should have an interest in manufacturing and software development as well.


Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Assist in the design of electronic hardware, enclosures and other manufactured goods;
  • Assist in the revision of existing products;
  • Assist in the selection of parts and tooling;
  • Develop and execute meaningful test strategies;
  • Collaborate in the implementation of new and reputable strategies to optimise Symboticware’s methods and standards;
  • Support Symboticware staff with issues that arise regarding all hardware and peripherals; and
  • Participate in some product prototype development and/or testing.


What You Should Know:

Junior Systems Developer will hold:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering;
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology;
  • Diploma in Electronics; or
  • similar.


What You Need:

The Junior Systems Developer will possess the following qualities:

  • Knowledge of CAD software;
  • Knowledge of gerber files or similar;
  • Knowledge of electronic components;
  • Familiarity with electrical components;
  • Familiarity with connectors and tooling;
  • Familiarity with embedded programming (primarily in the C programming language); and
  • Ability to travel to mine sites around the globe, roughly 5% of the time.


What Would be Great:

Any of the following qualities, while not required, will be considered an asset:

  • Interest in what makes vehicles tick;
  • Familiarity with heavy duty equipment;
  • Comfort with 3D CAD Design;
  • Experience delivering excellent customer support;
  • Experience working with mining customers; and
  • Ability to travel to mine sites around the globe, roughly 10% of the time.
Job Category: Systems Development
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Sudbury

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