Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer

Who You’ll Be:

The Senior Software Developer is someone with the experience to see the whole picture; they will be tasked with conceptualising product architectures and coordinating with the team lead to empower the web team to release those product designs.  As there are requirements for technical mentorship, the Senior Software Developer is expected to have experience in the complete software development lifecycle.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Designing full stack system architectures;
  • Implementing work product design;
  • Incorporating valid open-source technologies and platforms to bolster our product offering;
  • Creating test regimens to validate and verify software work products;
  • Managing deployment and release candidate software work products; and
  • Integrating software work products and performing project closeout duties.

What You Should Know:

The Senior Software Developer will hold a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following:

  • Computer Science;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Computer Systems Engineering; or
  • Similar.

What You Need:

The Senior Software Developer will possess the following qualities:

  • At least 7 years experience developing software in a professional setting, preferably using the Object-Oriented design paradigm;
  • Experience writing test cases geared towards acceptance testing and commissioning of complete systems;
  • Proficient with the following programming/scripting languages:
    • Java;
    • JavaScript;
    • Node.js;
    • Express.js;
    • React.js.
  • Proficiency with the following database platforms:
    • MySQL; and
    • PostgreSQL.
  • Experience deploying scalable web applications into production;
  • Proficiency using Git;

What Would Be Great:

Any of the following qualities, while not required, will be considered an asset:

  • Proficient with the following programming/scripting language:
    • Python; and
    • C#; and
    • .NET.
  • Proficient with supplementary database technologies such as TimeScale, Prometheus;
  • Proficient with virtualization utilities such as Docker;
  • Experience working with databases in a ‘Big Data’ context;
  • Experience using Continuous Integration in a project workflow;
  • Experience working with Messaging systems;
  • Familiarity with JSON data-interchange format;
  • Experience with the following JavaScript frameworks:
    • Feathers.js;
    • Redux.js; and
    • React Native.
  • Familiarity with RedHat flavours of Linux;
  • Familiarity with Windows System Administration and Security;
  • Knowledge of WAMP stack utilization, and the underlying technologies.
Job Category: Software Development
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Sudbury

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