The mining industry is at a critical breaking point, where the requirements on how we mine will require change. With pressure on increasing intensity and efficiency, a quickly changing demographic and an ever so importance on risk mitigation, mine operators are coming to the realization that new technology, when deployed effectively, has the enabling capability to address these challenges.

New technology and applications thereof arising from traditional vehicle telemetry systems are having a positive impact on risk mitigation in the safer operation of mobile mining equipment. While addressing safety, at the same time they are delivering important day-to-day production and maintenance performance information.

This technical presentation covered Symboticware’s technology solution deployed at a number of underground mining operations in North America that addresses safety challenges related to mobile equipment over-speeding, catastrophic tire failure, as well as seat-belt usage abuse. Each of these safety challenges has an associated impact on the operator’s bottom line, and as such the economic benefits over-and-above safety improvement was highlighted.

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