Symboticware Inc., an industry leader of standardized information-based technology to enhance productivity, sustainability, profitability and safety through real-time data management solutions, announces a partnership with SafeBox, a safety technology company offering the safest energy isolation solution currently on the market. The partnership brings together two Canadian-based companies to help customers drive production, safely, during a time where controlling and managing a wide range of hazards is critical for mine safety.

SafeBox is revolutionizing the industry by introducing a new paradigm in energy isolation practices. The control of hazardous energy (LOTO) violations has ranked OSHA’s top 10 list in the past 20 years. This partnership will help facilitate a much-needed change, and continue to strengthen the companies’ ability to help customers focus on safety.

Encompassing over a century’s worth of experience in various heavy-industries, SafeBox was engineered hand-in-hand with the men and women in the industry to provide the safest method to de-energize complex, distributed industrial systems. The technology has a generous return-on-investment of less than one year while improving worker safety.

“Our customers rely heavily on technology innovations as their safety requirements continue to evolve,” said Kirk Petroski, President and CEO of Symboticware. “This partnership with SafeBox allows us to continue building awareness of  important safety solutions for the mining industry.”

“SafeBox is excited to enter into a partnership with Symboticware. Leveraging the location of their Tucson-based headquarters, our partnership will help introduce SafeBox to the southwest US and Mexico,” said Andre Dumas, GM at Ionic Mechatronics, parent company to SafeBox. “Symboticware understands technology and all the intricacies of linking the right technology to an industrial challenge. We are hopeful that the mining community in the region will understand the role that SafeBox can play in their organization and the value that Symboticware will bring to its implementation.”

About SafeBox:

SafeBox is a distributed lock-and-tag system that allows users to execute complex, system-wide lock and tag quickly and efficiently. Designed by engineers to solve a problem most people don’t realize they have, SafeBox is safety-rated and meets regional and international standards that recognize the technology as an energy isolation tool. Learn more at:

About Symboticware:

Symboticware is an innovative, industry leader that provides an industrial IoT hardware and software platform to help customers unlock, collect and analyze valuable data from their industrial mobile and fixed assets to help improve business outcomes based on: optimizing productivity; identifying opportunities to increase efficient use of their resources; increasing equipment availability through better condition and preventative maintenance; and enhancing safety by real-time feedback to operators. Originally developed for monitoring in underground mining, Symboticware technologies are used in many remote and rugged applications, from the far north to kilometers below the earth’s surface.

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