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The Future is Now

Four simple words have been used a lot in recent months to describe the future of mining. Simply stated, they are: the future is Symbot. This sentiment has been echoed at MINExpo 2012.
The Symbot was developed by Sudbury-based Symboticware. It acts as a hub on each piece of equipment to standardize real time data for delivery to a central management system.
By adding several connectivity options, the Symbot allows machines to communicate through wireless technologies like wifi, cellular or satelite . This networking of equipment gives real time access to above ground reporting stations, resulting in greater efficiencies, better timed maintenance and a safer working environment.
According to Kirk Petroski, President and CEO of Symboticware “the symbot addresses a void in mining equipment, which is the ability to collect real time data so that companies can it use make decisions.”
He continued that historically this information was provided by operator feedback, which can be inaccurate or slow to make it to decision makers. With the Symbot on board, that data is transmitted instantaneously and can thus can be translated into solutions to improve productivity and safety.
Relatively speaking, Symboticware is the new kid on the block. However, the use of this type of technology is quickly becoming commonplace with partners including Vale, Xstrata, and Mining Technologies International adopting it.
Petroski anticipates that as a new generation of tech-savvy labourers enter the mining supply field, we will see even more technology integrated into mining processes moving forward.
If the future is Symbot, then the future is now.