Operating System of Intelligence

Empower your team to achieve organizational optimization. 4-Sight.ai and the suite of supporting technologies meets you wherever you are in your digital transformation journey.

4sight.ai empowers operations with proactive health monitoring, real-time reporting, and actionable insights into their machine health and productivity.

• Avoid Unscheduled Downtime

• Optimize Asset and Operator Productivity

• Minimize Fuel Consumption

• Reduce Carbon Footprint

• Reduce Operating Costs

• Enhance Safety



Avoid Unscheduled downtime

Stay ahead of machine failure, optimize costs, and maximize revenues with Symboticware’s purpose-built actionable AI Insights from world-leading providers. Take proactive and planned actions to avoid unscheduled downtime and save unnecessary costs of failure and repairs.


Save Fuel (and Environment too!)

Save more than 5% of overall fuel consumption by minimizing idling, hard-braking, and over-speeding of your mobile equipment. 4-Sight.ai fuel-optimizer tool helps you optimize your fuel spend and reduce upto 700 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from your fleet.


Fastest Time to Value

Get the most value from your Digital investments at the fastest pace with Symboticware’s Operating System of Intelligence. Whether it’s accelerating in-house Data Science efforts or delivering Purpose-built AI insights from leading providers, we meet you wherever you are on your Digital journey.


Stay Connected, Always

With Symboticware’s cutting-edge communication technologies including Patented Store-and-Forward, Peer-to-Peer, and Data Muling - the lack of network connectivity is no problem. We ensure you stay connected with all your mobile equipment wherever they are.


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Real-Time Alerts

Event Aggregation

Behaviour Monitoring

Optimization Analysis

Machine Learning


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