The Internet of Things is already transforming industries in the present

Published: December 4th, 2015

The Internet of Things, which connects more and more electronic devices, is often talked about in terms of its potential. But while pondering science fiction scenarios, it’s easy to ignore the real-world applications of IoT that are in the world today.

Many examples were provided at the Technicity conference in downtown Toronto this week.

The Internet of Mining

The mining industry, for instance, connects workers and machines through Wifi… while 250m below sea level.

“For us, IoT is a game changer. Dundee Precious Metals is looked at as a global leader on how to change the industry,” Mark Gelsomini, corporate director of IT for Dundee Precious Metals. “We actually coined the phrase ‘Take the lid off the mine’ where everything is visible in three dimensions where data is given in real time underground.”

The information can be used to help the mine produce things better, faster, and quicker. And real-time data means that problems are notice as soon as they happen and can be dealt with immediately, instead of getting information as a report from the shift boss at the end of their eight-hour shift.

Gelsomini said IoT generally provides more predictability and efficiency, which is crucial for mining companies dealing with slumps in commodity prices and turmoil in the industry in general.

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